Five Tips To Choosing Natural Looking Breast Implants in Brisbane

June 27, 2017- by

When it comes to choosing your new implants, you deserve only the best. There are many different doctors and kinds of implants available, but it is important to choose wisely. Not all implants and surgeons are equal. Dr. Phil Richardson offers some of the following tips to choosing natural looking breast implants in Brisbane.

Use an excellent 3D imaging software like Vectra 3D Imaging.

By being able to visualize a 3D image of your projected results after your procedure, you can narrow your choices far easier
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Regain Your Maternal Confidence With A Post Pregnancy Augmentation In Brisbane

May 30, 2017- by

Carrying and giving birth to your baby should be an exciting new chapter in your life. You have carried your loved one for nine months and birthed your child. Now you should be celebrating and not worrying about your post pregnancy body. After pregnancy, the change in hormones may trigger unwanted changes to your body like sagging breasts. It is important that you spend this time bonding with your newborn and not fretting over your body. With a simple post pregnancy augmentation, Dr. Phillip Richardson can restore your figure and let you focus your
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Reap The Benefits Of Breast Reduction In Brisbane With Dr. Richardson

May 19, 2017- by

Many women consider larger breasts a sign of beauty and youth. However, breasts that are too large can lead to discomfort and pain. With a simple procedure known as a breast reduction performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Philip Richardson, this pain and discomfort can be relieved. There are many health and social benefits from breast reduction, ranging from a more youthful appearance to reduced pain. Here are the ways that a breast reduction may improve your life.

More youthful and fuller appearing
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Learn About Mastopexy in Brisbane

April 20, 2017- by

Many women pride themselves on having perky, high, and firm breasts. As you age, your breasts may sag creating an undesired wrinkled and aging appearance. Although this occurs naturally over time, you may feel embarrassed and miss your youthful body. Dr. Phil Richardson offers mastopexy in Brisbane for women suffering from sagging breasts.

What is a Mastopexy?

Sagging breasts occurs when the muscles and tissues that support the breast begin to weaken and the breast sags. Many conditions may lead to sagging breasts.

Breastfeeding Weight
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Learn About Treatment Options for Teen Macromastia in Brisbane

April 12, 2017- by

The teen years are difficult for anyone.  Having physical attributes that set your teen apart from their peers is a living nightmare for them.  Excessively large breasts can draw unwanted attention from their peers and cause depression and anxiety over their body.  Macromastia, a condition in which the breasts are larger than normal, is a condition that affects many teenage women.  Fortunately, Dr. Philip Richardson offers treatment options for teen macromastia in Brisbane.

What is macromastia?

Macromastia occurs when breast development
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What to Expect During Breast Surgery Recovery in Brisbane

March 29, 2017- by

Undergoing breast surgery is only the first step to enjoying the new look of your breasts – be it through augmentation, lift, or reduction. While you may be eager to pursue life with your new look, it is important to allow time for recovery, so that you may heal properly and ease scarring. Treatment and care for patients does not end when the surgery is completed, but rather continues through several visits to ensure you receive the best results. With Dr. Philip Richardson and his experienced team at your side, you will receive top of the line
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Learn More About Breast Surgery Incision Techniques In Brisbane

March 04, 2017- by

Several types of breast surgery procedures are performed by Dr. Philip Richardson at his Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery practice. Whether it is breast augmentation with implants, a breast lift, or breast reduction, patients always want to know about breast surgery incision techniques in Brisbane.

To alleviate concerns about visible scarring, know that from your initial consultation through post-operative care, Dr. Richardson and his staff are committed to ensuring the utmost safety and comfort of each patient, whilst utilising the
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Now That You’ve Scheduled Your Breast Augmentation Surgery, Here Are Valuable Post-Op Tips In Brisbane

February 25, 2017- by

Following your breast augmentation surgery, you will be dreaming about how your appearance and your life will change. That closet full of knock-out clothes will soon fit you like never before. Your confidence level and your attitude about yourself will be off the charts. But first, there will be a period of time where you need to really take care of yourself. It’s the “post-op period” and you must follow all the instructions given to you by Dr. Phillip Richardson and his staff at Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic
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Correcting Uneven Breasts In Brisbane

February 17, 2017- by

Having one breast slightly different in shape, size or position is actually a fairly common occurrence in females. It’s known as having “asymmetrical breasts”, and if that describes you, then you are in company with the likes of famous Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley, who have publicly discussed having this condition that can affect a high percentage of all women.

If you decide to do something about your “mismatch”, you need to schedule an appointment with someone who is an expert at correcting
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Writing a Wrong: Revisional Breast Surgery in Brisbane

January 28, 2017- by

Revisional breast surgery in Brisbane is performed to correct or revise a prior reconstructive or cosmetic breast surgery. A patient who elects to have breast implant revision surgery is typically looking to correct some sort of complication, or change the type or size of their implants. For a variety of possible reasons, the patient is unhappy with the results of a previous breast augmentation. The overall goal of a revision is to repair and restore the natural breast contour and aesthetic appearance.

Why do patients seek revisional breast
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