19th May, 2017

Reap The Benefits Of Breast Reduction In Brisbane With Dr. Richardson

Many women consider larger breasts a sign of beauty and youth. However, breasts that are too large can lead to discomfort and pain. With a simple procedure known as a breast reduction performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Philip Richardson, this pain and discomfort can be relieved. There are many health and social benefits from breast reduction, ranging from a more youthful appearance to reduced pain. Here are the ways that a breast reduction may improve your life.

More youthful and fuller appearing breasts.

Larger breasts strain the chest muscles, which can cause sagging and create the unwanted appearance of aging. Dr. Richardson may reduce the size of the breast by removing the extra fat and performing a breast lift in order to recreate a more youthful and perkier breast.

Bras will fit more comfortably and attractively.

With excessively large breasts, clothes shopping is often harder and more expensive. Regular shopping malls do not carry bras that properly support your breasts. By reducing your breasts to within a normal range, bra and clothes shopping will be easier and cheaper, with more attractive options.

Resize and create beautiful well-proportioned breasts.

With larger breasts, you may suffer from an uneven breast shape and size. Your unevenly proportioned breasts may cause you embarrassment as you try and hide your body at the beach or pool. A breast reduction will also even out your breasts so they appear even and beautiful.

Reverse and restore stretched areolas and nipples.

Larger breasts have more fat deposits underneath the tissue. With extra deposits, your nipples and areolas may become disfigured. They can stretch out more than you desire or be uneven between the breasts. With a breast reduction, Dr. Richardson can resize your nipples and areolas to normal sizes.

Back pain, posture, and chest discomfort is alleviated.

Due to the extra strain on the back muscles, larger breasts can cause you discomfort throughout your day. Larger breasts can alter a woman’s posture and further damage her spine and muscles. With a reduction, the pain will dissipate and posture will improve.

How can Dr. Richardson help me?

Dr. RichardsonDr. Richardson offers breast reduction in Brisbane for any woman who suffers from large and painful breasts. With his precise care and extensive knowledge, he can reform your breasts and chest into a beautiful image of youth. Dr. Richardson operates with precision and utilizes the most innovative technology that leaves minimal scarring. Dr. Phil Richardson values his patients’ trust and needs above all. Dr. Richardson maintains the integrity of your body and breasts and throughout your entire treatment while achieving your aesthetic goals. Place your trust in the surgeon whom patients regard as one of the best plastic surgeons in Brisbane.

Do not allow yourself to continue to suffer with painfully large breasts. Let Dr. Richardson guide you in discovering the many benefits of breast reduction. Call and schedule an appointment today with Dr. Richardson on 07 3268 3774 or contact his friendly staff online.

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