If you  have any problems post-operatively, please contact me on the above numbers.  I always prefer to know if there is a problem before you go to your GP as I am responsible for your post-operative care.


Following your surgery you should go home and rest.  Sleep elevated on 2-3 pillows for the first week to help reduce swelling in the breasts. You will leave surgery with white stockings on. These help maintain leg circulation and avoid clots in the veins of the legs. These are to remain on for 3 days after the surgery. Avoid strenuous lifting and aerobic exercises for 6 weeks post-operatively.  Avoid sexual activity for 3 weeks post-operatively and breast stimulation for 4 weeks. Normal activities and gentle walking can be resumed after the first couple of weeks.  You can commence driving after 1-2 weeks when you feel safe and uncompromised.


Ideally stay in Brisbane for the first week after your operation. Travel, including air travel, is fine after this, but you should wear your stockings.


Post-operatively you may experience some ooze coming through your dressing.  This is quite normal and usually only lasts for the first couple of days.  If a breast suddenly swells and becomes tense you may have a haematoma and you should let me know immediately.


Following your surgery you will have a small dressing on your wound site and a soft bra. Keep this dry until I see you in my rooms one week following your surgery when we will remove your dressings. Sutures are internal and dissolve over a period of three months.  You will be given antibiotics to commence the day of your operation.


Notify either my nurse or me if you experience increased pain, widespread redness or an offensive discharge coming from the wound. You may have an infection and require other antibiotics.


No massage of the breast is required unless specifically advised.  Occasionally, some patients’ breasts may be sitting a little bit high and they may be encouraged to massage in a downward direction after the second week.  Either my nurse or I will explain this to you.


At your first postoperative appointment, Micropore tape is placed over the scar.  This is to be changed weekly for six weeks and helps flatten the scar. After the six weeks it is recommended to massage bio oil twice a day into the scars for at least 3 months.  It is important to not expose your scars to the sun.


You can shower after your surgery although we ask that you keep the dressings on your breast dry. Move the showerhead downwards so that you can shower your bottom half and sponge the top half. After your postoperative appointment you can shower like normal.


A script will be provided to you for pain relief and this should be adequate to control your pain. If not please contact me. If you run out of these during the week, panadeine should be sufficient. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e. Nurofen) should be avoided unless you are prescribed it, as it prolongs bleeding.

You are supplied with a number of medications in your pack. There are detailed instructions on the back of each box. If you are allergic to any of these medications please do not take them. The anaesthetist will give you a script for some strong painkiller, it is a good idea to get this script filled on your way home from hospital.

Please follow these instructions for medication administration:

Endone (Oxycodone) – This is the strong painkiller that the anaesthetist will give you a script for. Take half to one tablet every 4-6 hours as required. The dosage may differ depending on the individual.

Paracetamol (Panadol) – Paracetamol works very well with endone and is advised to have together. Take two tablets every 4-6 hours.  Maxium 8 tablets a day.

Panadeine Forte (Paracetamol with codeine) – This is also a stronger pain, not as strong as the endone. This is to betaken instead of the endone and paracetamol not in conjunction with the two. Take two every 4-6 hours. Maxium 8 a day.

Coloxyl with Senna – These tablets are a mild laxative, as the painkillers provided will cause constipation. You can start taking these as soon as you start taking the painkillers. Take 1-2 tablets morning and or night.  

Keflex (Cephalexin) – These are you antibiotics. You are to start taking these when you get home from surgery. Complete the whole box regardless if you have an infection or not. Take 1 tablet 4 times a day.  

Valium- These are used to relax your pectoral muscles around your breasts. Take 1 tablet morning and night.

Appointment at Dr Richardson’s rooms Hamilton or North Lakes