Achieve a More Proportional Figure with Breast Reduction


It is not uncommon for women with disproportionately large, heavy breasts to experience physical discomfort as well as emotional distress. Often, women with larger breasts can gain relief from these symptoms after undergoing breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery, available at the Brisbane, Queensland plastic surgery practice of Dr. Phil Richardson, is a procedure commonly sought out by women with large, pendulous breasts who want to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as rashes and other discomfort associated with such breasts. Breast reduction surgery also reduces self-consciousness and increases self-esteem for many patients.

If you would like to find out whether you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery at our plastic surgery practice serving the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and other communities throughout Queensland, then we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Phil Richardson today.

Men who are experiencing increased breast growth may wish to learn more about gynecomastia treatment.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is performed at Brisbane Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery under a general anaesthetic. This procedure involves removing excess fat, tissue, and skin through excision. The remaining tissue can then be sculpted to the desired shape and size. All stitches are internal, so they will not need to be removed after surgery.


There are risks involved in any surgical procedure, including the possibility of a negative response to the general anaesthetic severe bleeding, infection, bruising, swelling, and scarring. Risks that are specific to breast reduction surgery include loss of sensation to the breast skin or nipple, asymmetry, and bottoming out of the breast. Patients can rest assured, however, that Dr. Richardson is a highly trained plastic surgeon with an impressive safety record. He strives to ensure that his patients achieve the best possible outcome, carefully screening women to make certain that they are good candidates for the procedure.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, our nurses contact the patient daily to ensure a smooth recovery. We also schedule post-operative visits at regular intervals after breast reduction surgery at our Brisbane practice (each post-operative visit’s cost is included in the original surgery fee). To ensure proper support and healing, a post-operative bra is provided for patients to wear during the first six weeks following surgery. It is also recommended that patients avoid driving for two weeks and refrain from rigorous exercise for at least six weeks after surgery.

Learn More about Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are interested in learning more about how breast reduction at Brisbane, Queensland plastic surgery practice, serving the Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe, Southport, and surrounding neighbourhoods, could help you live a more carefree lifestyle, please contact Dr. Philip Richardson today. We have helped many people with overly large breasts enjoy improved health and happiness.

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