12th Aug, 2017

Choose wisely

Choose wiselyLife decisions, such as holidays, our first home or a new car, can often be governed or influenced by financial circumstances.  The same may apply for some people interested in having Breast Augmentation surgery.  People may choose their doctor or location according to the financial outlay for surgery.

Before committing to any elective surgical procedure here are some factors to consider:

  1. What are the qualifications and experience of my surgeon?

Your surgeon should have formal qualifications that include completion of a surgical training program.

  1. What are the risks associated with my procedure?

All surgery has associated risks but there are added risks if you have surgery interstate or overseas and have to travel post surgery.

  1. If I experience complications, how will they be handled?

Complications can occur despite all best efforts.  Experienced surgeons have the skills and knowledge to deal with complications, which may include admission to hospital.  If you undergo surgery overseas and experience complications following surgery you will need to attend your local General Practitioner or public hospital for treatment.

  1. What can I do, as the patient, to achieve a good outcome?

Following surgery patients need to rest to recover to achieve optimal results.  That requires time off work, assistance with children and household duties, cessation of exercise.

  1. Will the person I see for a consultation be the person performing the surgery?

The Medical Board of Australia has guidelines stipulating that the Medical Practitioner performing any surgical procedure must have a face to face consultation with their patient and provide enough information that the patient can make an informed decision prior to scheduling a date for surgery.

Contact Dr. Richardson“To begin your Breast Augmentation journey phone 07 3268 3774 or complete the form on our website and one of my friendly staff will assist in organising a consultation appointment at either our Hamilton or North Lakes locations.”

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