16th Jan, 2018

Look and Feel Younger with an Eye Lifting Blepharoplasty

The first and most visible signs of aging occur around the eyes, with drooping and wrinkling in this area often creating significant distress for men and women who are unhappy with these unfamiliar changes in their appearance. It can be frustrating to see this happen after spending hundreds of dollars on traditional anti-aging products. A simple procedure known as a blepharoplasty can help lift and rejuvenate the appearance of your eyelids to restore youthfulness. Dr. Phil Richardson is a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in Brisbane that performs transformative blepharoplasties to help patients regain their youthful confidence.

What causes eyelid sagging or drooping?

BlepharoplastyOver time, the skin cells produce less collagen and elastin, an element vital for youthful skin. Collagen and elastin makes for elasticity and suppleness in the eyes. As collagen production decreases, the skin is more susceptible to developing wrinkles and sagging. Coupled with weakening facial muscles, this can give your eyes the appearance of tiredness and aging.

This can not only affect your personal confidence, but also may hinder your vision, particularly your peripherals, with the upper and outer regions of your vision impaired by skin drooping.  With blepharoplasty, Dr. Richardson can lift the eyelid skin and tissue so that your face appears youthful and your vision restored.

What is blepharoplasty?

Through Blepharoplasty,  Dr. Richardson will take the eyelid skin and remove tissue and fat so that any wrinkles or sagging in the eyelid are removed and the eyelid is lifted up. He might also tighten the eyelid muscles with sutures so that they are stronger and support the tissue, ensuring they do not sag later. He will make a small incision around the eyelid and remove or realign the tissues underneath the eyelid. Depending on your goals, he may operate on both upper and lower eyelids. On the day of the procedure you will be put under a general anesthetic to ensure your safety and comfort.

Once completed, he will close the incision sites with very miniscule sutures that leave no scar. Dr. Richardson performs all of his procedures on an outpatient basis so that you can return to the comfort of your home and recover.

What should I expect during recovery after the procedure?

Dr. RichardsonDr. Richardson will leave several small stitches in the incision site for up to a week. Once removed, it is recommended that you refrain from using makeup and other facial cleaners to keep the area free from infection. Dr. Richardson also recommends that you protect the sites from direct sunlight as this might interfere with healing.

Dr. Richardson will schedule several follow up visits to ensure that you’re happy with your results, you’re recovering well, and you feel confident with your new youthful eyelids.

If you are tired of looking older and fighting sagging skin, Dr. Richardson’s blepharoplasty may be the best option for correcting any wrinkles or sagging eyelids. You can contact the office on 07 3268 3774 or online to schedule your consultation. Place your youthfulness in the care of an experienced plastic surgeon.

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