Visualize Your Breast Augmentation Results with Vectra 3D Imaging


Breast augmentation is arguably the most customisable and transformative form of plastic surgery that a woman can undergo. She has influence over virtually every aspect of the procedure, from the size, shape, texture, and filling material of her breast implants to the type of incision through which they are placed. However, it can be difficult for many women to visualise what they will look like after they have their implants placed. This, in turn, can make it challenging to make confident decisions regarding their breast augmentation surgery.

For patients of Dr. Philip Richardson’s plastic surgery practice, however, imagining what they will look like with various shapes and sizes of breast implants is not a problem. This is because Dr. Richardson has integrated the sophisticated VECTRA 3D imaging system into his Brisbane, Queensland practice. The VECTRA 3D system allows patients to view photorealistic images of themselves that can be manipulated digitally to demonstrate what they would look like after breast augmentation surgery. The images capture even the finest details, ensuring a preview so natural that it takes guesswork out of the pre-surgical equation. Patients can make decisions regarding their breast implants with full assurance.

If you are considering breast augmentation, we encourage you to entrust your body to a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon with the technology necessary to put you at ease about your decisions before you commit to surgery. To arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Philip Richardson, please contact Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery today.

The Benefits of VECTRA 3D Imaging

In the past, there were very few tools that allowed women to visualise how they would appear after breast augmentation. Surgeons could show women photographs of similarly shaped patients who underwent the procedure, which remains a helpful way to assess a doctor’s abilities; however, viewing someone else’s results gives a patient only a vague idea of what her own results will look like. There are also bras that can be used to “try in” implants of various shapes and sizes – again, useful in its way – but visually, these really give only a very general approximation of the expected results.

There has been other digital imaging software, of course, and some of it has been very good. However, the VECTRA 3D system offers a range of benefits that no other imaging software can match. For instance, the VECTRA 3D system:

  • Has automatic stitching: Patients simply stand in front of the VECTRA XT ultra-high resolution color image capture system, which takes a series of photographs from different angles. The software then automatically stitches these images together into a single wraparound image that can be viewed from any angle, front to back to front again.
  • Takes automated measurements: The VECTRA system’s 3D technology allows the software to produce automated measurements. This will be helpful as you and Dr. Richardson discuss your options for breast augmentation, giving you accurate baseline measurements from which to proceed.
  • Allows you to select specific implant types: With the VECTRA 3D system, you won’t be dealing with hypothetical breast implants. Rather, you will be able to preview what you will look like with the actual breast implants that Dr. Richardson uses at his practice.
  • Has a patient education module: The VECTRA patient education module will streamline the pre-surgical consultation process considerably through its visual tools and measurements.
  • Offers dynamic soft tissue modeling, overlaying capabilities, and more: When demonstrating what you will look like with various implant types, the VECTRA 3D system takes into account multiple factors, including gravity and whether the implant would be placed over or under the pectoralis muscle. You will be able to view the difference between your current breasts and enhanced breasts via the simulation provided by the overlay view. Dr. Richardson can also show you side-by-side images of your breasts with different types of implants so that you can compare. Again, all of these images can be viewed from any angle you wish.

Using the VECTRA 3D System as Part of Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Of course, VECTRA 3D imaging will represent just one part of your breast augmentation consultation, albeit a very important one. Dr. Richardson uses the 3D images as an educational tool to help patients understand their choices and establish realistic expectations for their breast augmentation surgery. Having properly set expectations is one of the absolute keys to your satisfaction as a patient. With VECTRA 3D imaging, you will leave Dr. Richardson’s office with an excellent idea of what to expect from your breast augmentation surgery.

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If you are considering breast augmentation and are interested in previewing your results with the state-of-the-art VECTRA 3D imaging system, we invite you to contact our Brisbane plastic surgery practice today. We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and assist you in scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Philip Richardson.