In this video, Dr. Richardson and his staff talk about what a patient can expect on the first visit to the Brisbane Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at Brisbane.

Lauren Dinneen, Practice Manager says that after filling in a few forms, the patient gets to see Dr. Richardson for about 20 minutes. Then the nursing staff takes some photos and the patient can use the Vectra 3D machine if she wishes. The patient will also find the environment very friendly and cooperative.

Annika Aston, Registered Nurse and Marie Schraeder both talk about the procedures leading up to a booking.

Dr. Richardson says that at the initial consultation stage, he will discuss with the patient the purpose of her visit and her expectations from surgery. After examining the patient, the doctor will discuss what can be achieved, the recovery process and the experience she will go through in the total journey.

Lauren Dinneen – Practice Manager – You usually expect to come in, meet our receptionist at the front desk, fill in a few forms, you know, to be expected and you have a consultation with Dr. Richardson which will be about 20 minutes. You then go onto our nursing staff to take some photos and also have the opportunity to use our Vectra 3D Imaging machine if you wish.

Annika Aston – Registered Nurse – If there is someone suitable for Vectra they will see myself or one of the other nurses to have that done. For that 3D machine to get an idea of what your results maybe.

Lauren Dinneen – We have a really relaxed environment. You are free to make yourself coffee or a cup of tea. And on your first visit you would probably allow about 45 mins out of your day that includes meeting Dr. Richardson and also our nursing staff. I think you know both Dr. Richardson and the nursing staff play a big part in the journey so its great to meet both those people in the first visit. Along with the consultation with Dr. Richardson you meet with our Patient Liaison Officer Marie. She will help you out with your course.

Marie Schraeder – Patient Liaison – When a patient comes to me that just seen Dr. Richardson, they’ll go through any other questions that they had while they were in there. I’ll get some quieting information and usually its just making sure that they didn’t have any questions that they missed in there. I’ll be talking a little bit about what to expect if they do decide to book in. And then we talk about procedures and diets and what to expect from there.

Dr. Richardson – When a patient first comes to see me, for plastic surgery, they would expect to see both myself and the nursing staff. And during the consultation with myself, I’ll discuss with them why they have come to see me, their expectations, and then I’ll examine them, and then we’ll talk about what can be achieved, what they should expect after the operation, the recovery and what’s involved in the full journey, starting from the beginning all the way through to the long term after the operation.