11th Sep, 2017

Post Op Expectations: Life After Breast Augmentation in Brisbane

Getting your breast augmentation can be a big step in improving your self image and restoring your body to its youthful appearance. However, another key step in maintaining your new looks is that you follow all of your post-operative instructions. Life after your breast augmentation can be confusing. You may have lots of questions. Dr. Philip Richardson provides this guide for expectations after breast augmentation in Brisbane.

How long is the recovery period?

Breast AugmentationDr. Richardson finds that the recovery time varies among patients due to the specific nature of the procedure. On average the recovery time takes about four to six weeks. Because this procedure is performed as a day surgery, you will not have to stay overnight in a hospital. This allows you to recover in the comfort of your home, although it is recommended to have a loved one in attendance to assist you in your initial post-operative days. Throughout your recovery period, Dr. Richardson and his nursing team will monitor you to ensure that they are healing properly.

When can I go back to normal daily life?

Right after your surgery, Dr. Richardson will provide a soft bra that helps support and protect your breasts from in the initial post-operative stage. This bra should be worn for as long as Dr. Richardson recommends, which can be up to a week. This bra will provide light support whilst the swelling settles. After the first 5-7 days this bra will be removed along with the dressings on your wounds and you will then be fitted with a more support bra, which is to be worn for the next 5 weeks.  He discourages heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until after four to six weeks. If you experience any discomfort, he can reexamine your breasts to ensure that they continue to heal properly.

Will it hurt?

Dr. Richardson performs his procedures carefully so that you experience minimal post-operative pain or discomfort. He will make small incisions that will not leave scarring or cause irritation. The location of the incisions make them difficult to notice without close inspection. After the procedure, you will experience some swelling. After the first initial days, your breasts will settle and return to normal size. You should experience very little discomfort, but if you do, Dr. Richardson can provide you with pain relief.

Will I have complications?

Dr. Richardson takes great care in planning your procedure and operating on your body. When he performs his procedures, he takes many safety measures to ensure that you do not experience any complications. He places his implants in locations where your breast shape will not be distorted. To ensure that you do not suffer scarring, he creates tiny incisions that will fade within months after your procedure. As a specialist in the field of breast surgery, Dr. Richardson’s experience creates incredible lasting results.

Will they look normal?

Dr. RichardsonDr. Richardson performs skilled surgery to ensure that your breasts will achieve the result you desire.

If you wish to learn more about healing and life after a breast augmentation, Dr. Richardson can provide advice from his Brisbane office. You can contact his office today at 07 3268 3774 or reach out online to learn how you can achieve stunning results.

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