Find Confidence with a Male Breast Reduction in Brisbane

Men pride themselves on having muscular bodies that are toned, well defined, and do not show any flabby or loose skin. They often want their chest to reflect manliness through firm well defined muscles. Male breast growth or gynaecomastia is a condition that many men such as yourself, may find to be embarrassing and disfiguring. There are many different causes behind breast growth in men, but regardless of the cause, male breast growth is embarrassing and unwanted. Dr. Philip Richardson offers male breast...Read More

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Feel Beautiful Again with a Breast Lift in Brisbane

Many women consider their breasts the center pride of their bodies. Having young perky breasts is a sign of youthfulness and beauty. Women of all ages strive to keep their breasts looking firm and tight. However, due to aging or other factors, your breasts can sag or become uneven. These changes can be distressing for any woman because she may feel that her body is no longer beautiful or that she can restore her beauty. However, with a simple procedure known as a breast lift, Dr. Philip Richardson can...Read More

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Address Your Concerns with Breast Revision Surgery in Brisbane

Many times when a woman has breast revision surgery, her results are stunning and there are no complications. However, in rare cases she may experience a few complications such as capsular contracture or breast asymmetry. These changes can be quite distressing, causing worries about whether her body may appear normal again. With a procedure known as breast revision surgery, Dr. Philip Richardson can correct concerns from previous augmentation procedures so that you can once again love the shape and...Read More

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Post Op Expectations: Life After Breast Augmentation in Brisbane

Getting your breast augmentation can be a big step in improving your self image and restoring your body to its youthful appearance. However, another key step in maintaining your new looks is that you follow all of your post-operative instructions. Life after your breast augmentation can be confusing. You may have lots of questions. Dr. Philip Richardson provides this guide for expectations after breast augmentation in Brisbane.

How long is the recovery period?

Dr....Read More

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Cosmetic Injectables – the nitty gritty

Cosmetic Injectables refer to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler products that are primarily used for facial rejuvenation.

The specific products used are unable to be identified by product name (ingredient or trade name) in adherence with guidelines of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.  Under the Act, therapeutic goods containing prescription only substances cannot be advertised to consumers.

So let’s break this down:

What do I mean by prescription...Read More
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Choose wisely

Life decisions, such as holidays, our first home or a new car, can often be governed or influenced by financial circumstances.  The same may apply for some people interested in having Breast Augmentation surgery.  People may choose their doctor or location according to the financial outlay for surgery.

Before committing to any elective surgical procedure here are some factors to consider:

What are the qualifications and experience of my surgeon?

Your surgeon...Read More

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Can I breastfeed following breast surgery?

If we assume that you were able to breastfeed prior to surgery, the short answer is most likely.  Theoretically any type of breast surgery has the potential to decrease a patient’s ability to breastfeed.

Breast surgery is performed to correct and modify the size, contour and elevation/projection of the breast/s. The more extensive the breast surgery, the greater the likelihood of decreased ability to breastfeed.

Breast Augmentation surgery involves making a skin...Read More

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Transform Your Appearance With Anti-Wrinkle Injections In Brisbane

Your face and eyes are the defining center points of your body. They give your personality sparkle and an older face with wrinkles does not convey a youthful personality. With older age comes unwanted changes like wrinkles and fine lines. Middle aged women often try dozens of facial serums and creams that promise changes but after months of use, they see very little change.

Monthly facial creams can cost a lot and do not deliver the changes you expect. A simple procedure, known as anti-wrinkle...Read More

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Improve Your Body With Abdominal Lipectomy in Brisbane

Many women pride themselves on their beautiful abs and toned stomach. Different factors such as age, childbirth, or weight changes can cause you to lose your toned abs and develop sagging skin or loose muscles. These changes can trigger feelings of embarrassment or shame over your body. Fortunately, there are solutions to your concerns. Dr. Philip Richardson offers an abdominal lipectomy for women who suffer from sagging skin or weak muscles in the Brisbane area.

What is an...Read More

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The Value of 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation in Brisbane

Getting breast implants is a very personal decision. As you consider having breast implants placed, you often wonder about how they may appear after your surgery. It is difficult to imagine without pictures or 3D imaging. Fortunately, there are many different technologies that allow you to be able to customize your breast implants before your surgery. Dr. Philip Richardson’s practice in Brisbane utilizes Vectra 3D imaging software that allows you to manipulate and see your new body before any...Read More

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