22nd Jan, 2018

Treatment Choice for Women who Suffer from a Congenital Breast Deformity

The issue of congenital breast deformity such as tuberous breasts affects a small number of women, however it can be a debilitating reality that affects self-esteem and body image. For these patients, Dr. Philip Richardson provides both counselling and surgical options for women in Brisbane who struggle with the issue.

What are congenital breast deformities?

In some rare cases, during puberty a woman’s breasts may fail to develop normally. The breast tissue or the mammary glands may not develop or develop very little giving the breasts a shrunken and uneven appearance. This can be distressing to young women who may feel alienated or lack confidence due their unique situation. If you suffer from congenital breast deformity Dr. Richardson can schedule an appointment to examine your body and discuss options on how to manage a congenital breast deformity.

What are the treatment options for congenital breast deformities?

Breast DeformityDuring your preliminary consultation, Dr. Richardson will examine your breasts and take measurements of the breast, nipple, and surrounding areas to determine the severity of your congenital breast deformity. He will examine your previous medical history to see if there may be a hormonal reason for delayed breast development. Depending on what he finds during your preliminary consultation, he will give you several options.

A congenital breast deformity can be treated through several surgical means,one of them being breast reconstructive surgery. This allows Dr. Richardson to operate on the breast and adjust the tissue so that the breasts appear even and more natural. He may add fat, remove tissue, or reconstruct the skin and nipple tissue to ensure symmetry.

Another option may be to have a standard breast augmentation with implants. If one of the breasts is far smaller than the other, different sized implants can be used to achieve the optimal size and shape for the patient.

Dr. RichardsonDr. Richardson performs all of these procedures with the utmost care to prevent  scarring or complications. He will talk you through the entire procedure so that you understand and know what to expect.

If he believes that the issues are hormonal, he may recommend further testing to see if you need the assistance of an endocrinologist. They may be able to prescribe medication that could stimulate the breast tissue to grow if surgical options are not your preference.

Congenital breast deformities can be embarrassing and sometimes harmful to your self image. If you believe that you suffer from this, Dr. Richardson can provide relief and treatment options. You can call his office at 07 3268 3774 or contact his friendly staff online to learn more.

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